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"Through the support of DECIDE, energy communities and collective energy actions will become the wave that produces the soft revolution towards the energy turnaround."

Sonja Klingert
Uni Mannheim

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Intergenerational learning: material and trajectories

The goal of the Intergeneration learning task has been to understand how much can intergenerational learning be used to increase awareness and foster behavioural change.
To this end, the Power of Community game has been developed, aimed at kids of age 6 to 12, to explain nature and use of renewable energy, such as PV and wind and to bring closer the concept of renewable energy community.
The game is...

Publication Date: 10 Jun 2022

Author: Agata Smok, Lucija Rakocevic, Arnor Van Leemputten, Małgorzata Mątowska (Th!nk E)

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Structured overview on optimized energy-efficiency interventions for EC and CA

This document serves as an overview for the recommendations to optimize energy-efficiency intervention and information campaigns for energy communities and collective energy actions in the framework of DECIDE and beyond.  For this purpose, first a general overview of potential tools for information and intervention campaigns within engagement and communication strategies is given. This serves as a "toolbox" to give the broadest possible impression of potential tools.

Publication Date: 31 May 2022

Author: Mona Bielig, Celina Kacperski, Sonja Klingert, Florian Kutzner (Mannheim University)

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Yearly policy briefs on regulation 2022

This is the second of a series of regulatory reviews in DECIDE. It provides insights on how the EU Member States' frameworks have led to a development of energy communities and collective actions.  It focus is on the DECIDE pilot countries (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Germany and Greece), but also information from other EU countries that were retrieved via interviews or via communication with DECIDE...

Publication Date: 30 May 2022

Author: Andreas Tuerk (JR), Camilla Neumann (JR), Malgorzata Mątowska (THNK), Lucija Rakocevic (THNK), Elise van Dijk (THNK), Phillipp Hartmann (BAUM), Ludwig Karg (BAUM), Silvia Assalini (ICLEI), Claudia Winkler (JR)

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DECIDE Training material for knowledge Hub

The present document aims to provide an overview of the knowledge products created by DECIDE to foster the development and enhancement of energy communities and collective actions. This specific outline is connected with the general training material offered by DECIDE and part of its capacity building campaign to boost replication of good practice of energy communities and collective actions. This...

Publication Date: 31 Jan 2022

Author: Silvia Assalini, Valeria Eirin, Carsten Rotballer (ICLEI)

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Structured overview of existing and emerging business models, related contractual conditions and recommendations

The aim of this report is to give insights into different existing and emerging approaches for business models for energy communities and collective actions, to group different business model categories of energy communities and collective actions and to provide specific examples. Also, the report analyses existing and emerging contractual conditions and investigates to what extent they could impact...

Publication Date: 23 Dec 2021

Author: Andreas Tuerk and Camilla Neumann (Joanneum Research), Malgorzata Mątowska and Lucija Rakocevic (TH!nkE))

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