Image: Elektrizitätswerke Hindelang e.G. (EWH)


Elektrizitätswerke Hindelang e.G. (EWH)

Hindelang is a German village in the mountainous, touristic Allgäu region. The cooperative Elektrizitätswerke Hindelang e.G. (EWH) was founded in the 1920’s by citizens of Hindelang for the electricity supply of their village. Since then 330 citizens and SMEs (plus municipality) are members of the cooperative, an “energy community” that puts a strong emphasis on sustainable energy production and service towards its clients. EWH generates electricity from local resources, organizes local energy supply to ca. 5.000 inhabitants and operates the grid of Bad Hindelang. While today Hindelang has a close to 100 % RES electricity supply for the village (60 % from local sources), few customers are active in reducing consumption or turning into a RES based heating of their homes and businesses. In Hindelang, they strive for more efficiency in electricity and use the then excess electricity for heat pumps (to heat homes with RES) and to run mobiles for locals and guests.

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