Image: Javier Allege Barros - Unsplash

Become a DECIDE Replicant

DECIDE has closed its call for replicants on 31 May 2021.

The Call for Expression of Interest aimed to apply successful approaches and lessons learned from the existing seven DECIDE pilot sites to other interested initiatives in order to widen implementation of energy communities and collective actions across the EU.  With this call we are looking forward to apply this knowledge to replicant initiatives to help them grow their energy communities or collective actions.

Who could apply:
  • Any energy community or collective energy action,
  • established in an EU Member State or an associated EU country,
  • willing and able to actively participate in the DECIDE project as laid out in the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • end June: Announcement of Replicants
  • until May 2023: Active Replication phase
5 benefits of becoming a replicant:
  1. Benefit from the experiences of the DECIDE Pilots
  2. Expert support and tailor-made solutions to overcomming your challenges
  3. Interactive peer-to peer knowledge exchange
  4. DECIDE capacity building events, catered to your needs
  5. Promote your efforts to the Europe-wide DECIDE community