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ENBRO provides energy brokerage, guidance, advice, development and structuring of solutions that reduce the energy bill to residential, commercial, industrial and public consumers. While the main target is reducing the cost of energy, ENBRO develops combinations of better behavior, better suppliers, renewable energy and energy savings. ENBRO will be key in rolling out solutions into the market and to demonstrate how a large volume of standardizes transaction has a large impact on energy transition and will be a scalable approach across Europe. Next to group sales, ENBRO will develop energy communities that improve their behavior in a better balance between production and consumption. A key element of ENBROs activities is the Gaele platform, an easy to use tool that enables to automatically switch to the cheapest supplier for you consuming and producing profile. Also it has a growing database and structured approach on energy profiles, allowing to optimize solutions for target markets based upon real data. The energy community pilots in the 4 cities include mostly social housing, but is open to all residential clients, public as well as commercial buildings. The collective purchase actions within DECIDE are open to all ENBRO clients (and ENBRO will offer that service to the other pilots as well).

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