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TREA is energy agency located in Tartu, Estonia, providing services to citizens, SME-s and municipalities. TREA consists experts on energy efficiency, energy planning, sustainable transport, energy renovation and energy communities. TREA supports the energy transition of South Estonian region but also in other regions and national level.  Agency is actively participating in international cooperation networks, introducing the latest examples of innovation from all over the Europe. Currently, TREA is providing the technical expertise for European light-house project SmartEnCity advising the deep renovation and implementation of smart technologies of Soviet era apartment buildings. Services for smart cities include the energy planning, technical guidance for energy renovation, monitoring of the energy consumption and evaluating the environmental impact of cities/communities.

The Kalda area in the Annelinn district a compact area is selected with a range of of soviet-era residential buildings that need renovation or are being renovated. The area has district heating. A cooperative approach has been designed for energy planning that is scalable towards the whole district with similar housing blocks (over 100 buildings in Annelinn district) and replicable to several Eastern European countries with similar districts.

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