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HERON is the largest independent electricity retailer, and a rapidly developing natural gas supplier in Greece owning a customer portfolio, consisting of more than 150000 subscribers. HERON continuously introduces new climate-friendly energy services to its consumers and through. The target initial clients for DECIDE include 200 electricity consumers with real-time power meters for consumption & 15 electricity prosumers with real-time power meters for consumption and production from local RES (net metering).

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DomX offers a unique retrofit solution for the automation of legacy gas-based heating systems. The system brings several advantages to end-consumers, including: improved heating efficiency (up to 40%), smart and remote control, improved comfort and direct participation in flexibility aggregation services. Through DECIDE, 50 residential end consumers of HERON’s portfolio will experience the advantages of smartly connecting with their heating and the reduction of energy costs achieved through improved heating efficiency and additional revenues from the offering of balancing services to the supplier. Exploitation will focus on engaging more consumers through HERON’s gas portfolio, currently consisting of over 4.000 subscribers.

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