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Coffee Shop

The DECIDE Coffee Shop is a virtual environment and a self-moderated process exclusive for DECIDE project pilots and DECIDERs (more information on DECIDERs here), that allows existing and evolving communities and collective actions to mutually benefit from their experiences. This process of knowledge exchange, blended learning and informal networking shall accelerate the process and boost the quality of initiatives that institutionalize collective approaches to a future sustainable energy supply and consumption system.

Together with the DECIDE project partners Th!nkE and ICLEI, the  team of B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH has developed an iterative exchange process with repeated sequence of events, along six phases with the ultimate goal to run stable energy communities.As a living process, it was later updated, based on the feedback provided by participating pilots and deciders.

The new Coffee Shop approach is based around informal meetings, where DECIDE pilots, DECIDERS and new energy communities can network and thus develop their ideas to a full energy community. The get-togethers are taking place every three months, and include sharing part, where established DECIDERs and pilots can share their progression with new organisations joining the Coffee Shop. Afterwards, there is an exchange session, where everyone has the chance to talk to interesting partners, DECIDE pilots or established DECIDERs. Interesting ideas can be furthered in Tandem sessions at the end of every meeting, enabling new collaborations on ideas, challenges or barriers.

To make it dynamic and also viable even beyond the active funding phase, it is technically based on an easy to maintain LinkedIn group, while also building on a community based, long term strategy.  

By being an active member in the Coffee Shop Community, one can

  • Get expert support (from DECIDE partners) to set-up and run a stable community
  • Benefit from the experiences and knowledge of like-minded Coffee Shop companions:
    • Each DECIDER will be working together with a DECIDE pilot in a Tandem on dedicated activities in multiple seasons of 3 months to accelerate their Energy Community / Collective Action
    • Open networking with other Coffee Shop participants and the DECIDE consortium
  • Shape the long-lasting Coffee Shop programme
  • Participate in DECIDE capacity building events, based on one’s needs
  • Promote one’s efforts to the Europe-wide DECIDE community

On 15 July the Initiation meeting of the DECIDE Coffee Shop took place with the 11 selected DECIDERs, the DECIDE pilots and the DECIDE consortium. In the first part of the meeting the DECIDE project, the Knowledge Hub and the Coffee Shop concept were introduced, followed by a feedback session on the Coffee Shop concept. The aim was to collect feedback for the following activities within the Coffee Shop to meet the participants needs. The second part of the meeting focused on getting to know each other and to provide insights in our joint transitioning towards our future energy system. Therefore, all pilots and DECIDERs shortly introduced themselves and their expectations with a short presentation. Within the last part of the meeting pilots and DECIDERs could start their conversation in sub-groups.

On 19 August the official first Coffee Shop Initiation and Phase Kickoff meeting with DECIDERs, pilots and the DECIDE consortium was held, where the innovation process within the Coffee Shop was initiated. Afterwards, the first phase Kickoff took place with an introduction of first phase activities and an announcement of Tandems, followed by bilateral Tandem meetings and networking.

On 14 October first Coffee Shop Season ended, and Season 2 was initiated. In the first Season Sharing, a presentation on the progress of each DECIDER and feedback by the Coffee Shop companions we shared.

The next Coffee Shop will take place on 20 January, 13:00-16:00 CET. The meeting will include the first iteration of the reworked Coffee Shop format with more focus on informal networking.


Are you interested in the DECIDE Coffee Shop?

If you have questions or if you are interested to join the DECIDE Coffee Shop as DECIDER, please reach out to – we will get back to you as soon as possible and inform you about the latest options to apply for a Coffee Shop membership. Find here information on the first call for DECIDERs.