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Final report on Business Models, contractual conditions and recommendation

The aim of this report is to give insights into different existing and emerging approaches for business models for energy communities and collective actions, to group different business model categories of energy communities and collective energy actions and to provide specific examples for these categories. Also, the report analyses existing and emerging contractual conditions within energy communities and collective energy actions but also with the energy sector. This an investigation to what extent they could impact the development and replicability, increase investments into renewables and offer a fair arrangements between all involved parties.

The report compiles results from the tasks 3.2.2 (“Analysis of existing and emerging business models”) and 3.2.3 (“Contractual conditions analysis”) and includes findings from 26 interviews conducted with collective energy actions in Europe.

Publication Date: 31 May 2023

Author: Andreas Tuerk (JR), Camilla Neumann (JR) Malgorzata (Gosia) Matowska, Lucija Rakocevic (Th!nk E), Ludwig Karg (B.A.U.M)