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DECIDE - Factsheet 3 - What is an Energy Community?

The recent times have seen an increasing buzz around the terms Energy Community. The details of what these are, who can become part of it and what is possible to do under that banner, is often explained with complex technical-legal jargon. However, this makes it difficult for those that are not already familiar with this domain to understand what the whole discussion is about and how it relates to them.

Moreover, the situation is complicated by the creation in different European directives of different types of Energy Communities that are quite close to one another.

This factsheet wants to provide some clarity by outlining the basic definitions of energy communities and thus easing the uptake of the approach and concept by any person, too. The work does not pretend to offer an exhaustive overview, instead it includes references for further readings.

Publication Date: 04 Feb 2022

Author: DECIDE