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DECIDE Resource


Structured overview on optimized energy-efficiency interventions for EC and CA

This document serves as an overview for the recommendations to optimize energy-efficiency intervention and information campaigns for energy communities and collective energy actions in the framework of DECIDE and beyond. For this purpose, first a general overview of potential tools for information and intervention campaigns within engagement and communication strategies is given. This serves as a "toolbox" to give the broadest possible impression of potential tools. In addition, specific recommendations for optimizing intervention and information campaigns, tailored to the respective pilots in DECIDE, are provided in the second part. In both overviews, a strong focus is placed on the social science perspective: Underlying models and principles are thus introduced to ensure the acceptance and success of the interventions presented.

Publication Date: 31 May 2021

Author: Mona Bielig, Celina Kacperski, Sonja Klingert, Florian Kutzner (Mannheim University)