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For the climate, my friends, or my region?

For the climate, my friends, or my region?

01 Mar 23

C. Kacperski, M. Bielig, S. Klingert, and F. Kutzner DECIDE project partners have researched the activation of prosumers in peer-to-peer energy trading, essential for reducing humanity's climate impact. In collaboration with the Austrian DECIDE project pilot OurPower, an experimental trial was launched to investigate the most effective approach. 

8713 households equipped with photovoltaic systems were randomly selected to receive one of three postcards appealing to different identities, using slogans such as "your climate. your electricity" and "your region. your electricity." The results showed that the social identity framings of region and peer-group both outperformed the individual climate identity framing. In terms of clicks to express more interest, the regional framing was more successful than the peer-group framing, and in terms of the length of stay on the website, the regional framing maintained an advantage over the other two. These results suggest that the regional approach could be a promising consideration for future energy-related campaigns and interventions.

Take a look at the full document here.

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