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DECIDE Energy Game now available and editable for everyone

DECIDE Energy Game now available and editable for everyone

08 May 23

The code for the DECIDE Enery Game is accessible on GitHub. The game is designed to be a fun and engaging way to gather data from people on their local energy transition. The game code can be customized to include any stakeholders, actions, roles or stakeholder groups that are relevant to the context in which the game is played.

GitHub contains the source code for the Energy Vision Game that can be recreated and adapted in soscisurvey.  To use this code, simply download the soscisurvey code provided in Github and import it into soscisurvey.

This is what you will find in the link:

  • The survey file (xml) that you can import into soscisurvey and recreate the Survey/Game. This requires creating a soscisurvey account (basic features and academic use free) and opening of a new soscisurvey project - during the creation of the new project, you will be prompted to upload the xml file.
  • The icons used in the original game. These are part of a set designed by Agata Smok for DECIDE. Feel free to use them, but please credit DECIDE and Agata Smok when you do.
  • A code for the style of the survey, which you can additionally add within soscisurvey.

The code for the game is fully customizable, allowing you to adjust the icons, the terms, to add or remove parts and customize the appearance of the game.

The game can also be translated into multiple languages, making it accessible to a wider range of participants. Having the code also allows you to download the data assessed by the game survey, including frequency of specific items chosen or distance between items.

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