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Skills for inclusive collective energy actions!

Skills for inclusive collective energy actions!

14 Jun 23

On 12 June 2023 4 sister European projects joined forces to share learnings and discuss on how energy communities and collective energy action in a broader sense can support building and not only a more sustainable energy system but also a more inclusive society.

BECoop, DECIDE, POWERPOOR and W4RES brought together their expertise and experiences to discus two very important aspects of inclusion: how local and collective actions can help energy poor household and how those actions can also support the promotion of gender equality and a give more space to women to engage at different levels.

The event, which was an official energy event connected with the European Sustainable Energy Week, was moderated by Eleni Kanellou (NTUA) was opened by Véronique Marx (DG ENER, European Commission) who presented the current EU legal framework with relation to energy poverty and the existing opportunities for local initiatives.

DECIDE experience were presented by the colleagues Giulia Torri from Km0, DECIDER who presented their work in support of municipalities in Spain and Sonja Klingert (University of Mannheim) also involved in the RENergetic project, who stressed the importance having a communication which is mindful of social norms and adapt to the specific tarted as well as to role of trust.

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Presentations are available here and you can rewatch the session here

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